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Imam Sugato with his son
Hawi.This is one of the two
pictures available about this
great man.More about this man
and other siltie warriors will be
covered in the upcoming book
titled "Goba" by Husen M. Musa
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The late  Haji Redi
The other cool picture of Imam Sugato Zeyne
I don't know the exact
was taken  nor the
occasion. We may find
out in the future from
those who are working
on  the story of Imam I
don't know the exact
Sugato  and other Siltie
great men and Women of
the Menelik era.
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“On 17th October 2006, Vicky was
killed by a lorry whilst bicycling to
work. She is loved dearly by so many
and her loss leaves a huge void. In the
face of this, through the enthusiasm and
great comes out of our loss. Now our
People are beneficiaries clean water
People are beneficiaries clean water thanks and many thanks to Viki and
action aid. The lera water project was inaugurated yesterday and close
to twenty five thousand People for the first time will have access to
clean water. Thanks again to all those who took part in this lofty project
including the Zonal administrators please visit the following links for
more information on viki and action aid project in Lera.
የሰልጤ ብሄረሰብ ታሪክ ባህልና ቛንቛ
የሰልጤ ብሄረሰብ ታሪክ ባህልና
ቛንቛ ሲምፖዝየም
The whole album
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Different kinds of hair style and its significance in  Siltie
Alkeso-Kutere road
project progress
SM's selection
10th celebration video clips
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